Take Our Full Comprehensive Guardianship / Conservatorship Survey

You are invited to take part in our full guardianship survey. Developed by ProbateWatch, it is the most comprehensive survey on guardianships and conservatorships in the United States.The lack of data regarding the number of guardianships in the US has been a concern for both advocates and lawmakers. Indeed, the numbers to which most refer are almost a decade old.

This new survey will not only help us gain a substantive illustration in terms of the numbers of people under guardianships/conservatorships on a state-by-state basis but invaluable information concerning the length of time a guardian has been in place, how petitions were filed, whether estate planning documents (such as a Durable Power of Attorney) were in place and whether abuse/financial exploitation has been found since the guardianship/conservatorship was initiated.

Once we have enough respondents, NASGA intends to generate a report based on the data submitted which will be released to both the media as well as state and federal lawmakers.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and information provided will not be released to any agency outside of NASGA or ProbateWatch.

In the case of media inquiries, we will contact families and ask them if they are interested in speaking on or off the record concerning their experiences while ensuring complete anonymity if requested.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions by email or phone.

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If you already had a loved one in guardianship/conservatorship, or if a guardianship/conservatorship has been imposed by a probate/family court since January 2020 — or if you just have a loved one in long term care and are concerned for their safety, we invite you to take our COVID 19 Guardianship/Nursing Home Survey!