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April 1, 2023: Today, many good causes lost a champion and devoted advocate:  Marti Oakley.  Marti’s legacy will survive her death, thanks to her loyal co-host, Coz Whitten-Skaife,  who will continue the podcast in Marti’s memory and with help from others whose lives Marti touched in positive ways.

Marti Oakley, TS Radio Network

“Although small in stature, Marti Oakley was a giant social activist with diverse interests and advocacy:  adult guardianship, hospice, whistleblowers, kidney dialysis, black farmers, wild horses, animals, and more.  She was a podcast pioneer, using her TS Radio Network podcast to tackle and expose these and other social issues, years before podcasts became popular.  She was also a prolific and passionate writer as published on the PPJ Gazette.

Marti had the wonderful gift of gab and a wit which entertained her audience and her good friends.  She didn’t need much sleep. She was always thinking, reading, and researching.  She had elephant ears and would spend hours listening to victims and sympathizing with their plight.   She always put others before her needs and she cared with every fiber of her body.

It was Marti who brought the issue of guardianship abuse to the yearly Whistleblower Summit in DC.  People from all over the country came to hear her speak and the attention humbled her.  She was sought out by victims globally as well.

She just never stopped.  What people don’t know about Marti is she did even more work behind the scenes, which she didn’t talk about.  She helped free several victims from guardianship and she also prevented many guardianships.  She wrote numerous letters to Congress and made many trips to DC on behalf of guardianship reform.

She loved her family fiercely.   She was the very definition of Momma Bear.  And in the last few years of her life, she was blessed with great-grandchildren which she absolutely adored.

Her legacy survives her and her radio shows and speeches at the Whistleblower Summit are archived. As her beloved great-grandchildren grow, although she won’t be with them in person, they will be able to hear her voice and feel her passion.  And so will we.

We will remember Marti as a person with a heart of gold much bigger than her body.   We will miss her every day.

Godspeed, dear friend.  ‘Like a phoenix, she will rise!'”

NASGA is very pleased to know and affiliate with Marti Oakley, host of “T.S. Radio” internet radio program and author of “The PPJ Gazette” Blog.

Marti’s introduction into guardianship abuse came when she interviewed NY NASGA member, Sara Harvey, about Sara’s husband, Gary’s,  case.  Gary suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling down the basement stairs in 2007.  In 2009, Gary’s court-appointed guardian, Chemung County Department of Social Services, petitioned the court to remove Gary’s feeding tube and starve and dehydrate him to death.  Sara struggled daily to fight for proper care of her husband and worried about the guardian is going to do next.  Gary passed on in 2017.

Marti was both outraged and haunted by the Harvey story; and being the strong advocate she is for justice, she took up the subject and the cause of guardianship and conservatorship abuse on her show, T.S. Radio.

Marti is not  a member of NASGA and speaks no one’s agenda but her own. She says what’s on her mind and is always open for debate and discussion of an opinion opposing hers.

She volunteers her time, expense, and her compassion to victims and gives them a voice and a platform to tell their stories.  Her guests also include experts discussing possible solutions.

Friday evenings are generally dedicated to a special show called “In the Mix” with Coz Whitten-Skaife co-hosting a lively discussion on various aspects of guardianship and conservatorship.

Join Marti nearly every Sunday and Friday night and sometimes other evenings during the week.

5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST

Marti Oakley‘s Guardianship Panel at the 2018 Whistleblower’s Summit

Every year, whistleblowers gather at the annual Whistleblowers Summit in DC. Last year, for the first time in history, a panel was devoted to the subject of guardianship abuse. That panel was led by outspoken elder advocate Marti Oakley.

This year, Marti was invited back to lead another panel on the same subject. The response (standing room only and a long, line down the hallway) earned Marti and guardianship abuse a permanent place as part of the yearly Summit.

This video below is Marti  opening remarks and introduction of her 2018 panel.  The subject of guardianship abuse and predatory guardians.

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