Veterans in Peril

Thousands of Americans have been injured to date during the current war on terror – a war that may continue for years. Many have returned to service but others have been disabled, some very severely.

Our heroes of past wars also fall victim to unlawful and abusive guardianship / conservatorship, either as a result of disability or advanced age.  The numbers continue to grow.

The pirates target our young disabled Veterans – lured by their veteran’s benefits, disability pensions, and now even their Social Security benefits.   Our aging Veterans are even more tempting – perhaps they have well-managed, nice sized estates to go with their pensions.

Denied the very rights and liberties they fought for; confined in nursing homes; left to languish; receiving perhaps just a pittance for their personal use from their guardians – after years of service and sacrifice to our country, is this what our Veterans have to look forward to?

Supporting the troops and our fallen heroes should mean supporting them not only when we need them – but also when they need us.  And they need us fighting for them when they become vulnerable.