Memorial Donations

With Deep Appreciation to Families and Friends Who Have Made Donations to NASGA in Memory of Their Loved Ones

The Comfort of Ritual

It is often the elders among us who understand the value of rituals and who help to anchor them. Older people who understand how to be elders, who are able to pass on encouragement and strength rather than despair and judgment, are gifts to society.

Elders who have worked through their own failures and inadequacies and come to terms with their lives are able to mentor without controlling, give advice without criticizing, and help people who are younger to get in touch with their own strength, their own soul. They provide encouragement to go on with life and to face our challenges with love and courage. Generations are connected to one another seamlessly, each leading naturally into the next. The old receive the vitality of youth, the youth the stability of the old… and those in the middle are supported and nurtured in their life’s duties.

I accept the teachings of the wise elders.

The hand of liberality is stronger than the arm of power.

~author unknown.