It isn't possible! People aren't starved & dehydrated to death in the USA!

Terri Schiavo wasn't starved & dehydrated to death!

There are no such things as Death Panels!

Gary Harvey's wishes are being carried out and his care is excellent?!

How much did you say you would pay me for that bridge over there in Brooklyn?

Terri Schiavo is dead. There are panels called Ethics Committees that determine not only when care is futile and deny further medical care, but some actually decide people - yes, PEOPLE - should be starved and dehydrated to death. (Therefore the title - Dead Panel.)

Can't starve and dehydrate death row inmates. Their death needles even have to be sterilized & they must be given the exact amount of this and that, so as not to "unduly" suffer. No torture allowed.

One can go to jail for starving and dehydrating animals, too, but people? Well, people are a different story when they are considered defective. You know, the elderly, disabled and sick. Fall into one of those categories, get hauled into court or put under guardianship of the wrong person or people, and look out. You might just find yourself on the last diet you will ever be on.

It won't ever happen to you? Gary & Sary Harvey never thought it would happen to them either, but guess what! It did!

Gary's assets were taken. His wife lost guardianship to the system, after her attorney backed out at last minute leaving her to face the powerful alone. She pays for health insurance. They tell her when she can and can't visit. She is guarded, though it was they that wanted to starve and dehydrate Gary to death. Oh yes! I kid you not.

Come follow as this story unfolds. Come see the most incredible dysfunction of reasoning power you might ever witness.

At their hands, Gary has been isolated in a hospital room and given no physical therapy. - FACT

At their hands, Gary's care has been less than satisfactory. - FACT

At their hands, the court was petitioned to starve and dehydrate him to death. - FACT

At their hands, visitation is restricted and limited. - FACT

Sara has a history of abusing Gary? - Innuendo with nothing to back it up or half-facts used to distort the truth of what happened and how it happened and why it happened.

Sara took Gary outside. Yes, but she had permission. Rule changed without notification.

Someone said that Sara tried to feed Gary jello. Really? Where did this jello go then? Did Gary swallow the evidence, since there was never any evidence of this event having taken place?

Sara cut a defective fish line on a trachea in front of a nurse. (Gary does not use the trachea for breathing purposes.) Someone allows it to be believed that Sara cut his breathing tube or some such thing as that. Anything to make her look bad, rather than tell the whole story. By the way, that defective fish line was defective for a couple of weeks or more prior to the event. However, they sure did get it taken care of after she cut it. (Her actions did not cause him any danger or distress. They don't tell that though.)

Innuendos against Sara and proven facts against the other side, yet the system has yet to be held accountable and she is punished for in case and just because they can.

Oh yes! Come follow the power play and watch as they toy with the lives of two human beings. Watch as they control and taunt and make life miserable just because they can.

Come watch the Harvey's fight against the system that makes the rules and changes the rules and enforces the rules at will. You shall be impressed or not! But it is a preview of what is to come, for one and all, (except maybe the elite), if we don't stop this out-of-control system that is now ordering people to die as they once ordered an aspirin for a headache. Yes, it is the future happening in our present society and it is no longer a secret. It is happening in front of us. People are no longer taken off artificial life-support -- they are taken off the simple and natural things that are necessary for life. They are taken off food and water!

Don't wait, until any of this happens to you and yours! Follow the Gary Harvey story here on the Rescue Gary Harvey page and fight to save a life! Fight to save Gary Harvey!

                                                                       ~Friends of Gary & Sara Harvey